Participation of academic staff in Conferences (2011)

Доповіді на міжнародних конференціях та симпозіумах, проведених в Україні:

XI Intern. Conf. on The Experience of Designing and Application of CAD Systems in Microelectronics (CADSM'2011). 23-25 February, 2011. - Lviv-Polyana, Ukraine.
  1. Ihor Prots'ko. The Efficient Computation DHTusing Cyclic Convolutions.
  2. Tymoshchuk P. V. A simplified continuous-time model of analogue K-winners-take-all neural circuit.
  3. Yu.Stekh, M. Lobur, Faisal M.E Sardieh, M. Dombrova, V. Artsibasov. Development and Study of Clustering Algorithms for Large Sets of Data.
  4. Y. Stekh, M. Lobur, Faisal M.E. Sardieh, M. Dombrova, V. Artsibasov. Research And Development Of Methods And Algorithms Non-Hierarchical Clustering.
  5. Mykhaylo Andriychuk. Investigation of Interaction between Small Particles in Acoustic Field.
  6. Oleg Kobyrynka, Yurij Stekh, Oleksandr Markelov. Comparison analysis of methods implemented in MATHLAB for fuzzy logic algorithms.
  7. R. Panchak, K. Kolesnyk, M. Lobur. Topology Editing Strategies In The Subsystem OfPrinted Circuit Boards Manufacturability Improvement.
  8. Vasyl Teslyuk, Taras Matviykiv. The model of drill string vibrations influence on the telemetry system reliability.
  9. Dmytro Korpyljov, Tetyana Sviridova, Sergij Tkachenko. Solving of scientific data visualization tasks using parallel programming.
  10. Faitas О., Matviykiv О., Lobur М. The conceptual structure of information software for fluorescence analysis.
  11. Iaroslav Vasyliuk, Vasyl Teslyuk, Pavlo Denysyuk, Andriy Kernytskyy, Mykhaylo Melnyk. Overview and Analysis of Ontology Engineering Apparatus.
  12. Oleksandr Markelov, Mykhaylo Lobur. Repository of User Interface Controls in area of Electronic Design Automation Software for Usability Improvement.
  13. Andrii Pukach, Vasyl Teslyuk, Roman Tkachenko, Roman-Andriy Ivantsiv. Implementation of neural networks for fuzzy and semistructured data.
  14. O. Lebedeva, O. Matviykiv, M. Lobur. Virtual Project Management.
  15. Rostyslav Kryvyy, Serhii Tkachenko, Volodymyr Karkuljovskyy. Web Systems for Evolutionary Computation.
  16. Bogdan Dmytryshyn, Oleh Matviykiv, Mykhaylo Lobur. Fluid Mixing in T-shape Micro Mixer.
  17. Bohdan Dupak, Mykhaylo Lobur. Cantilever array of mechanical type.
  18. Mychajlo Lobur, Yuriy Darnobyt. Car speed measurement based on ultrasonic Doppler's ground speed sensor.
  19. Mychajlo Lobur, Yuriy Darnobyt, Rostyslav Kryvyy. Methods of car speed measurement based on Doppler's effect.
  20. Pavlo Denysyuk, Vasyl Teslyuk. The model of MEMS analysis with the use of functional Petri Nets theory.
  21. Vasyl Teslyuk, Pavlo Denysyuk, Roman Zaharyuk, Iaroslav Vasyliuk, Yuri Pidlypnyy. Models And Instruments Of MEMS Analysis With The Use Of Inhibited Petri Nets.
  22. Andriy Zelinskyy, Vasyl Teslyuk. Database design for system that solves MEMS synthesis tasks.
  23. Romanyuk A., Romanyshyn M. The representation of meaning within Functional Discourse Grammar.
  24. Mykhailo Lobur, Andriy Romanyuk, Mariana Romanyshyn. Using NLTK for educational and scientific purposes.
  25. Mykhaylo Melnyk, Andriy Kernytskyy, Pavlo Denysyuk. Development of functional model for nosie barriers aide design system.
  26. Ihor Farmaga, Petro Shmigelskyi, Piotr Spiewak, Lukasz Ciupinski. Evaluation of Computational Complexity of Finite Element Analysis.
  27. Ihor Farmaga, Uliana Marikutsa, Jan Wrobel, Andry Fabyrovskyy. Development of computer-aided thermal procedures of technical objects.
  28. Ihor Farmaga, Uliana Marikutsa, Mykhailo Lobur, Miroslaw Kruszewski. Temperature field distribution in heterogeneous materials.
  29. Ihor Farmaha, Uliana Marikutsa, Mykhailo Lobur, Pawel Wisniewski. System-structural analysis and automation of thermal conductivity models construction of composite materials.
  30. Jan Dziuban, Mykhaylo Lobur, Oleh Matviykiv. Computer-Aided Diagnostic Tool for Biomedical Microfluidic Lab-Chip Devices.
  31. Krzysztof Kurzydlowski, Mykhaylo Lobur, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Ihor Turchyn. Transient Temperature Field In A Semi-Infinite Layer With Coating.
  32. Mykhailo Lobur, Oleh Matviykiv, Andriy Kernytskyy, Romuald Dobosz. Presentation of the heat simulation model with use of relational data model.
  33. Mykhailo Lobur, Oleh Matviykiv, Andry Kernytskyy, Marek Muzyk. Determination and visualization of hierarchical dependencies in the thermal modeling system using relational data model.
  34. Mykhaylo Andriychuk, Victor Tkachuk. Modeling of Plane Waveguide Array using the Variational Approach and Aperture Orthogonal Polynomials Method.
  35. Oleh Matviykiv, Mykhaylo Lobur, Piotr Spiewak, Lukasz Ciupinski, Krzysztof K.Kurzydlowski. Coupled Synchronous Solver for Multiscale Simulation of high Thermo-Mechanical Composite Materials.
  36. Vasylkivskyi O., Tkachenko S., A'Ggel Al-Zabi B.R. Selection isomorphic subgraphs from graph.
  37. Tetyana Sviridova, Larisa Sviridova. An Example of Software Metrics Preparation.
  38. А. Kovalchuk, D. Peleshko, M. Navytka, T. Sviridova. Using of affine transformations for the encryption and decryption of two images.
  39. Mykhaylo Lobur, Serhiy Tkachenko, Oleksiy Khnykin. Researching and creation of SCADA system.
  40. Z. Hotra, R. Holyaka, I. Bolshakova, I. Yurchak, T. Marusenkova. Arbitrary rotation method for 3D magnetic sensors calibration.
  41. Mykhaylo Melnyk, Mykhaylo Lobur, Iaroslav Vasyliuk, Vitaliy Mazur, Natalya Hemich. The mathematical model of length defining position of dominated noise source in traffic flow.
VII th International Conference MEMSTECH 2011 "Perspective Technologies and Methods in MEMS Design" 11-14 May 2011, Lviv-Polyana, Ukraine.
  1. Pavlo Denysyuk, Vasyl Teslyuk, Iaroslav Vasyliuk, Tatiana Kobenko. Hierarchical Petri Nets Use for MEMS Modeling.
  2. Andrii Pukach, Vasyl Teslyuk, Roman-Andriy Ivantsiv. The Method of Investigation of Thermal Portrait of Integrated Devices with a Matrix of Sensitive Termistor Elements.
  3. Mykhaylo Andriychuk. Creation of Media with Prescribed Permeability Using the Asymptotic Silution of EM Field Scattering Problem.
  4. O. Lebedeva, O. Matviykiv, M. Lobur. Conflict Classification in Distributed Collaborative Design Environments.
  5. Vitaliy Mazur. Designed of Trends Instead of Flow Management.
  6. Bohdan Dupak, Mykhaylo Lobur. The main Properties Cantilever Array of Mechanical Type.
  7. Oleg Faitas, Oleg Matviykiv, Mykhaylo Lobur. Neural Networks for Signal Classification.
  8. Rostyslav Kryvyy, Serhii Tkachenko, Volodymyr Karkuljovskyy. Analysis of Frameworks for Developing Genetic Algorithms.
  9. Andriy Zelinskyy, Vasyl Teslyuk, Pavlo Denysyuk, Roman Zaharyuk, Bohdan Karkulyovskyi. Architecture Development of Structural MEMS Scheme Synthesis System.
  10. Andriy Zelinskyy, Vasyl Teslyuk. MEMS Data Storing Model Development.
  11. Mykhaylo Lobur, Oleh Matviykiv, Vsevolod Kamenetskyj. Application of 3D Studio Max for Virtual Prototyping and Virtual Manufacturing of Microfluidic MEMS.
  12. Iaroslav Vasyliuk, Vasyl Teslyuk, Andriy Kernytskyy, Pavlo Denysyuk. Four-layer Model of MEMS Ontology Design.
  13. Iaroslav Vasyliuk, Vasyl Teslyuk, Natalya Hemich, Andriy Zelinskyy. The Principle of "Function-Structure" Dependency in MEMS Ontology.
  14. Oleh Matviykiv, Mykhailo Lobur. Modeling and Simulation of Cantilever Devices for Microfluidic Lab-Chips.
  15. Mykhaylo Lobur, Yuri Stekh, Vitalij Artsibasov. Challenges in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.
  16. Z. Hotra, R. Holyaka, I. Bolshakova, I. Yurchak, T. Marusenkova. Spatial models of splitted Hall structures.
  17. Bohdan Diveyev, Ivan Kernytskyy, Konstjantyn Kolisnyk, Mykhaylo Pasternak, Roman Sava. Optimization of Dynamic Vibration Absorbers for MEMS.
  18. R. Panchak, M. Lobur, D. Vivchar. Splitting of the PCB Topology Into Rank Blocks with te Qquadtree Method.
  19. Ihor Prots'ko, Roman Rikmas. Analysis cyclic submatrices in structure of basis discrete harmonic transform.
  20. P. V. Tymoshchuk, M. P. Tymoshchuk. Existence and uniqueness of steady states of analogue KWTA- neural circuit.
  21. Ihor Farmaha, Uliana Marikuca, Andriy Kernytskyy, Andriy Fabierovskyi, Lukasz Ciupincski. Application of thermal analysis techniques in intelligent decision making system.
  22. Volodymyr Karkulovsky, Serhiy Tkachenko, Oleksiy Khnykin. Genetic and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Data Collection Systems.
  23. Andriy Kernytskyy, Mykhaylo Melnyk, Oliiarnyk Petro, Yuri Pidlypnyy. CBR Application in Engineering Design Education.
  24. Tatyana Sviridova, Larisa Sviridova, Bogdan Tymoshenko. Google Apps as Solution of Communication Issues in Educational Process.
  25. V. Riznyk, M. Talan, I. Yurchak, I. Barabash. Application of combinatorial configurations in the logistic control processes.
  26. Mykhaylo Lobur, Ihor Farmaga, Petro Shmigelskyi, Piotr Spiewak. Using of Adaptive Meshing in Finite Element Analysis of Composites.
  27. O. Kulynsky, U.Polishchuk, I.Yurchak. A new method of automatic generation of sql queries for automated text analizing.
  28. A.Napieralski, M.Szermer, M.Lobur, O.Matviykiv, A.Petrenko. Actual Tasks and Trends in Developing Multidomain MEMS Models for Educational.
VI-th Intern. Conf. of Computer Science & Information Technologies (CSIT'2011). - Lviv. 16-19 November 2011.
  1. Dupak Bohdan, Lobur Mykhaylo. Silicon and Tape Cantilever of Mechanical Type.
  2. Vasyl Teslyuk, Iaroslav Vasyliuk, Maria Zakala, Roman Zaharyuk. Ontology Model of MEMS Automated Design with the Block-Hierarchical Approach Use.
  3. Teslyuk Vasyl, Zelinskyy Andriy, Denysyuk Pavlo, Pukach Andriy, Vasyliuk Iaroslav. Use of Morphological Method for Set's Synthesis of MEMS Alternative Solutions.
  4. Teslyuk V.M., Pereyma M.Ye., Teslyuk T.M., Lishchynskyy O.V. Automation of MEMS Structural Synthesis with the use of branches and borders method.
  5. Ihor Farmaga, Mykhaylo Lobur, Petro Shmigelskyi. Thermal Modeling of Nanocomposites with Spherical Inclusions by Finite Element Method.
  6. Yovbak Serhij, Hanas Yuri, Pustelnyk Yuriy, Prystash Volodymyr, Kernytskyy Andrij. Improving the Mechanism ofBankruptey Prediction Using Kohonen Maps.
  7. Protsko I. The Specific of Computation Cyclic Convolutions for Identical Sequences.
  8. Yuri Stekh, Alina Logvinenko, Mykhaylo Lobur,Vitalij Artsibasov. Models and Mothods for BuildingWebRecomendation Systems.
  9. Vasyl Teslyuk, Oksana Stetsyna. A Model for Analyzing the MEMS Structure Bazed on Queuing System.
  10. Mykola Medykovskyy, Vasyl Teslyuk, Oleh Shunevych. The Gomory method applying for wind farm structure determination.
  11. Andriy Brezetskyy, Rostyslav Kryvyy, Pavlo Denusyuk, Andriy Zelinskuy. The Genetic Algorithm Searches the Optimal Route Aircraft.
Міжнародна наукова конференція ISDMCI'2011 "Інтелектуальні системи прийняття рішень та проблеми обчислювального інтелекту". Євпаторія. 2011.
  1. Д.Д. Зербіно, Ю.В. Цимбал, О.Я.Різник, Ю.Є.Кинаш, І.Ю.Юрчак. До створення спеціальних мов розпізнавання.


Доповіді на міжнародних конференціях та симпозіумах, проведених за кордоном:

XIX Ukrainian-Polish Conference CAD in Machinery Design - Implementation and Educational Problems. Baranów Sandomierski, October 14 -15. - Poland. 2011.
  1. O.Matviykiv, M.Lobur, O.Faitas, B.Dmytryshyn. Multiscale Modeling Of Fluid Mechanics In Microfluidic Lab-Chip Devices.
  2. Petro Shmigelskyi, Mykhaylo Lobur, Ihor Farmaga. Thermal analysis of nanocomposites with inclusions by finite element method.
  3. Tetyana Sviridova, Dmytro Korpyljov. Project simulation game as way to increase motivation in education process.
  4. Sergii Tkachenko. Verification of Design Decisions.
  5. Vasyliuk Ia., Teslyuk V., Denysyuk P. Knowledge-Based Model in Fourth-Layer OWL Ontology.
  6. Ulyana Marikutsa, Ihor Farmaga. Development of algorithmic and software automated system monitoring environment.
  7. Ihor Farmaga, Mykhaylo Lobur, Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski. Development of thermophysical characteristics computer-aided design system at university.
  8. Mykhaylo Lobur, Roman Panchak, Andriy Kernytskyy, Andrzej Lukaszewicz. PCB Topology Edit Computer -Aided System.
  9. Andrzej Lukaszewicz, Andriy Kernytskyy. Rapid Prototyping in UAV Applications on the Example of 3D Printing Technique.
  10. Oleh Matviykiv, Mykhaylo Lobur, Pavlo Sloboda, Piotr Spiewak, Lukasz Ciupinski. Custom-developed converter for exchange data between CAD/CAE software packages.
  11. O.Matviykiv, M.Lobur, P.Sloboda, P.Spiewak, L.Ciupinski. Custom-Developed Converter For Exchange Data Between Cad/Cae Software Packages.
VII Международна научно-методическая конференция ДО-2011. 1-2 декабря 2011. - Минск, Белоруссия. 2011.
  1. А.Э. Маркелов, М.В. Лобур, С.И. Бобало, У.Б. Марикуца. Опыт использования сервисов Google и системы Moodle для поддержки учебного процесса студентов.
International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA-2011), Torino, Italy.
  1. M. I. Andriychuk. Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Small Bodies and Creating Materials with Desired Permeability: Numerical Implementation.
  2. M. I. Andriychuk, V. P. Tkachuk. Modeling the Radiation Characteristics of Plane Waveguide Array using the Variational Approach.
International Conference Microtechnology and Thermal, june 28 - july 1, Lodz, Poland, 2011.
  1. M. Lobur, I.Farmaga, U.Marikutsa, O.Matviykiv, L.Ciupinski. Analysis and Problem Statement of the Optimal Thermal Design of Technical Objects.


Доповіді на державних конференціях і симпозіумах:

I-а Всеукраїнська школа-семінар молодих вчених і студентів. "Сучасні комп'ютерні інформаційні технології".- Тернопіль. 20-21 травня, 2011.
  1. Керницький А.Б., Присташ В.Б. Метод пошуку конфліктів на базі мереж Петрі для покращення функціонування систем управління потоками робіт.
  2. Яворський Н.Б., Маркелов О.Е. Підсистема автоматичного сигнального відеодетектування рухомих об'єктів.
  3. Маркелов О.Е., Зарічний Р.Я. Концептуальна схема системи реального часу передавання мульти інтерактивних даних.
  4. Маркелов О.Е., Пастух С.В. Структурні рішення проектування системи автоматизованого реінжинірингу інтерфейсу користувача.
Науково-методична конференція "Сучасні проблеми телекомунікацій і підготовка фахівців в галузі телекомунікацій - 2011", - Львів, 27 - 30 жовтня, 2011.
  1. Теслюк В.М., Денисюк П.Ю., Зелінський А.Я., Василюк Я.Р. Методологія автоматизованого проектування МЕМС на системному рівні.
  2. Теслюк В.М., Зелінський А.Я., Василюк Я.Р. Розроблення інформаційної моделі для розв'язання задачі задоволення обмежень.
  3. Теслюк В.М., Зелінський А.Я., Василюк Я.Р. Розроблення програмної моделі для розв'язання задачі задоволення обмежень.