Research activities

The research work of the staff of the CDS Department and employees of GNDL-80 is conducted in the direction of the development and implementation of systems for the automated design of organizational and technical systems.

The CDS Department conducts research in the following areas:

The theoretical results of the research work are new mathematical models, methods, algorithms for the design and production of microelectronic devices, as well as the design and functioning of organizational and technical systems.

Practical results - software-methodological complexes and methods, CAD of microelectronic devices.

Leaders of scientific opinions

  • Modeling the characteristics of radiating systems (antennas, antenna gratings, waveguide and quasi-optical transmission lines) according to the amplitude pattern (possible application to MEMS).
  • Research of the scattering processes of acoustic and electromagnetic waves on a collection of small bodies (micro- and nanoparticles) and modeling on this basis of environments (materials) with specific physical properties (chiral environments and materials).
  • Restoration of the shape of scattering objects based on the data of measured or simulated scattering diagrams.
  • Development of numerical methods for solving nonlinear integral equations and research of their solutions; development of gradient optimization methods of non-convex functionals.
  • Optics of heterogeneous media.
  • Modeling of physical processes, including the methods of discrete, recurrent and neuro-(perspective) mathematics.
  • Modeling of systems with fluctuations.
  • Optimization of systems.
  • Creation of effective systems of automated design of heat engineering objects and their elements.
  • Mathematical and software for modeling and finite-element analysis of non-equilibrium thermomechanical processes in complex environments, in particular, with a fractal structure.
  • Information technologies for building discrete models of object shapes in thermal engineering CAD and providing finite element analysis of object behavior using cloud technologies and parallel computing technologies.
  • Information models and software tools for analysis and forecasting of processes in self-organized technical systems.

Presentation of scientific research

Scientific journal "Computer Design Systems. Theory and Practice"

Scientific journal of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" "Computer Design Systems. Theory and Practice" is published once a year, starting in 2019. The magazine is the legal successor of the collection of scientific works «Visnyk of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic ». Series: "Computer systems of design. Theory and practice".

The scientific journal highlights the results of the theory and practice of modeling complex objects, processes and systems, as well as the development and use of software for automated design.

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CADSM Conference

Since 1991, the department has been holding the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Experience in the Development and Application of CAD in Microelectronics" (CADSM).

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MEMSTECH Conference

Since 2005, the department has been holding the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Promising Technologies and Design Methods of MEMS" (MEMSTECH).

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CADMD Conference

Since 2004, the department has been holding the Ukrainian-Polish conference "CAD in mechanical engineering. Problems of implementation and training".

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