Educational classroom 322 IV building

On October 12, the Department of Automated Design Systems held a ceremonial opening of the educational laboratory, which was renovated and equipped by the IT company Sombra.

The company was founded in 2013 by Viktor Chekh #ViktorChekh and has almost 300 professionals in their field. Works with modern technology stack: Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, Node.JS, Python, .NET.

The rector of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Bobalo Y. Ya., and the general director of the Sombra company. The head of the Department of Automated Design Systems, Prof. Mykhailo Lobur, first vice-rector Oleg Matviykiv, technical director of the Sombra firm Yuriy Nakonechny, marketing manager of the Sombra firm Kuziv Myroslava, director of the Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies prof. Mykola Medikovsky, as well as students and employees of the department.

Grand opening of the educational laboratory

Representatives of the university emphasized that the basis of successful student learning is the understanding that what they learn today, they will need at work tomorrow. That is why cooperation with employers adds confidence in acquiring new knowledge and that they have chosen one of the best educational institutions, if successful IT firms support it.

In connection with the rapid development of the IT industry in Ukraine, the demand for workers in this field among companies is growing. Higher educational institutions, including the Lviv Polytechnic, are interested in preparing the best specialists in this field for the labor market, but without feedback, it is quite difficult to do this, which is why bilateral cooperation between the employer and the educational institution that prepares potential employees for them is mandatory an essential stage and should become a standard in the training of young specialists. After all, the opening of new laboratories sets a new level in the quality of the educational process.

Providing laboratories with comfortable conditions and means for training close to the level of IT firms shows that in the future even better offices and working conditions await them and thus should encourage training. As emphasized by the rector of the Lviv Polytechnic, Prof. Yuriy Bobalo - it is impossible to study poorly in such a laboratory.

We are grateful to the Sombra company for the new laboratory and provided modern equipment and hope for further fruitful cooperation!